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Black powder and Pyrodex comparison

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Thumb Buster:
I had bought a pound of that "stuff" when it first came out for use in my .50 caplock T/C rifle.  I had fallen for the 'less corrosive' line.  I went home from the range and cleaned the rifle as I usually do except four days later when I did a follow-up patch I got a good amount of rust.  :o That was the last time for me and I still have that container in my powder box...just sitting a reminder that old BP is the true gun powder.     

It's my understanding, even if spread carefully before a rain, it still makes LOUSY fertilizer.


Makes your plants rust.  It does so.

Montana Slim:
Since part of my rating system includes the "flame" factor, I give pyrodex one star more than APP (for my use).but they're all a few notches down from the real stuff. But for my dad, I recommend using APP for his .41 Colt Thunderer. Thin cylinder walls & he's not really into shooting/cleaning BP as well as he used to.

APP gives plenty of smoke, but flames, color, fragrance & taste just aren't the same.

So, basically dedicated nuts like me prefer real BP. Gee, I think I need to go pick up a can or two just from thinking about it.
Besides my "new" self-cocking Colt takes a lot of powder.



It is my impression that Pyro has a similar sound (a BOOM not a POW) to BP but the other subs sound like smokeless in the shotgun.

Bunk Stagnerg:
 I would advise any one shooting any of the substitutes except APP to read carefully Prof. Marvels post on the Powder Room section carefully.
The truth is there so pay attention and not ruin an expensive hard to replace gun.
Yr’ Obt’ Svt’


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