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Remington Kid:
On the two Remingtons that I have had for a few years now we just used Birchwood Caseies blue remover. Works fast and easy, no muss ,no fuss. Then rinse with clean water and use Plumb brown or any of the "Rust Blueing methods " to get the Patina to the stage you like.I prefer the rust blueing and carding but it does take a little longer. Mike

Paladin UK:
Thought I`d throw my hat into the ring too :)

This is my ASM that I have ...antiqued

Paladin (What lurvs the holy black :D ) UK

Dakota Widowmaker:
Did you flitz it with a cloth, 0000 steel wool, or dremel and buffer?

I REALLY like the looks of your Uberti after your finishing...gotta get that done to mine as well.
(I too like B-C rust-blue remover...have used it in the past on guns with GREAT success)


Yankee John:
Dakota,  Just used an old T-shirt.


Dakota Widowmaker:

I just did it to my first Millenium. I had to get 3 new screwdrivers to tear my revolver down, but, its all finished.

I did it just as you said, but, used 0000 steel wool.

I need to go over a few areas again, but, 1 application of permablue, 2 applications of plum brown, and finish off with flitz gives it a nice finish.

I stoned the hammer, sear, and some of the internal surfaces. (clean up...nothing fancy)

I will take my dremel to the main spring later on.

Between it and the unmodified one, I can feel the difference in trigger smoothness and feel. Everything just feels "smother" having refinished it as well as stoned the surfaces.

(plus, giving it a good clean up and lube job never hurts)

Thanks for the tips!!!


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