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Navy Six:
Can someone please do something about this weather? I don't know what its like where you guys live, but here in NJ we've had one heck of a winter so far! Growing up in WVA & NH I am used to snow, but I have been trying to get to the range for weeks now as I have a lot of Black Powder experimenting to do with both cartridge and percussion. I've been happy with my loading methods so far, but I would just like to experiment a bit just to keep things interesting. Maybe I'll end up right back here with what I'm doing now, but I also don't want to get stale or complacent. THAT is a sure recipe (at least for me) for becoming a self centered know-it-all. Oh well, I guess I'll have to pass the time buying a few more guns.    Navy Six

Shawnee McGrutt:
You got to shoot more, and let the fire from your guns melt paths to the targets.  That is the way we do it in the far north ;D

Navy Six:
Shawnee, you are absolutely right! I never thought of it in those terms. That's why I can count on this site for seasoned veteran advice.


PJ Hardtack:
Far north, you say .... ?

Here in the Great White North, we are enjoying our umpteenth straight day of -30C+ temps. Today it was -36*C. -40* is where Fahrenheit and Celsius meet. That's cold, bro.
After -25*C, we just say it's 'cold'. Doesn't seem to make a hell of a lot of difference after that.

In the bright sunshine, it has warmed up to a balmy -18*C, the predicted high for the rest of the week. With even the slightest wind, human skin freezes in seconds. Metal is so cold, it 'burns'.

Shawnee McGrutt:
Good Day, PJ,
It is +20 F. today  here in  Maine.  Beach weather for  Canadians.  Normally it is in the 30's.  My only complaint with you  guys in the Great White North is your exporting of that damn Polar Vortex.  If you export anything , at least make it useful ,please.  Well, I am going to the beach and do a little ice fishing, need some ice cubes for my rum drinks.


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