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Gus Walker:
 ;D Guess i had better through my hat in this ring. Although i still have a few oh those heathen smokeyless weepons. The only ones that git any range time or hunting time shoot nothing but what was handed down by the elders . Goex now fills all my 38's and 45 colts. My 45-70 Sharps and my 45 1866 Winchester. My 1917 colt will taste the wholly black as soon as i find a suitable bullet. Hell id even load it my 1911 just fur giggles. Course all the longrifles git Goexafied,Also the 51,the 60 ,The Walker and two 58 Remingtons[They get jealous if i leave them out. Every thing else seems so boring [yawn].
    While not a competitor in cas ors sass. I use my guns as God intended To protect home and hearth and to procure backstraps and limb bacon.  ;D  Thanks for your consideration.                                        
                                                                           Your Humble Servant
                                                                                Gus Walker

Mean Bob Mean:
Greetings Gus.  The weapon I set beside my bed is an 1860 conversion in .44 Colt.  

Nice to meet you!

Navy Six:
Yes, Gus, glad you decided to throw that hat in the right ring! I have hesitated for many years to post any opinions as I was grateful to learn from others experiences. But after 20 years of doing this I found I've had plenty of valid experiences also. Some of what I've read about loading Black Powder in cartridges or in percussion pistols here correlates with my findings and some does not. However, i am still grateful to those, like yourself, who take the time to share your hard earned knowledge freely. The ONE thing I've found about Black Powder is there is more than one way to skin a cat! That makes the continued experimentation all the more interesting. All The best to You Gus,   Navy Six


Mean Bob Mean:

--- Quote from: Navy Six on February 04, 2014, 03:58:33 PM ---The ONE thing I've found about Black Powder is there is more than one way to skin a cat!
--- End quote ---

I've not skinned a cat with my pistols yet, but I am willig to try anything.

Navy Six:
Mean Bob, I believe my wife would skin ME if I did that to one of her cats!!


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