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Spencer Serial # Information DISCLAIMER


Two Flints:
Some time ago I acquired the four volume set of the Springfield Research Service (SRS) Serial Numbers of U.S. Martial Arms. I purchased the set so I could help SSS members identify (maybe) which unit their original Spencer Carbine or rifle was issued or assigned to during the Civil War.

Unfortunately, not all the Spencer serial numbers are listed in the four volume (SRS) set I own. And, there are gaps between indicated serial numbers. This paragraph is a DISCLAIMER of sorts. As a courtesy to SSS members, I am happy to reveal to you the information I have regarding the serial number of your Spencer carbine or rifle. But, please remember, I am just regurgitating what I read in my SRS volumes with some very "unscientific conjecture" on my part . What I do is the following: I take your Spencer serial number and try to place it in between the two closest serial numbers to yours listed in my SRS volume. In most cases, if the serial numbers for the Spencer before and after your own serial number were issued to the same unit, I assume your Spencer went to the same unit. Or, if your Spencer serial number is very, very close to another Spencer serial number, I assume your Spencer went to the same unit. I call this the “Two Flints guesstimation”.  I’m guessing and estimating at the same time on what I believe to be correct information based upon the information I find in my four volume set of SRS.  And that is the best that I can do for you.
Even after the above disclaimer someone will still feel obligated to post how inaccurate, incomplete, and unreliable the SRS Spencer serial # information is . . . but, I’ve already done that in the above disclaimer, haven’t I?  So to keep from developing an ulcer, I have blocked any replies to this post!

I'm not trying to fool anyone or give anyone false serial # information on Spencers.  I hope I covered all concerns with my disclaimer . . . no one has to accept what I "suggest" may be the serial # information I provide.  I'm just trying to add something? to what they own in the way of a Spencer . . . I own 3 original Spencers with serial #s not listed in the SRS books so I've used my very own "Two Flints Guestimation" and came up with "probable" units they were issued to . . . and I may be all wrong with my unit picks, but until someone or something tells me differently, I'm happy knowing that my Spencers were assigned to such and such a unit during the Civil War.
It takes just a few minutes of my time to research a Spencer serial #.  I do it as a courtesy to SSS members.  Every once in a great while I find an exact serial # match and honestly, I get just as excited as the owner of that particular Spencer Carbine or Rifle.
Unfortunately, if you own a Burnside Spencer, or an M-1865, or any post Civil War Spencer, there is no information available for your serial # in the SRS books.  On the other hand, if you have a Civil War firearm other than a Spencer I may have some serial # information that you may be interested in . . . all that disclaimer stuff for Spencers would apply to non-Spencers as well . . . just shoot me an Email -fsgrand2@fairpoint.net - for further information.

Two Flints


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