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Paladin UK:
Well Nurse, I think we call it!! :'(

Its been three months since the.... `Last Post` sounds ironic dont it.

I `spose there`s just too many forums now!!

Shame it could have been great, I think the kind thing to do is just quietly remove it. Unless any pards gotta better answer.

Paladin (  :'( ) UK

Sir Charles deMouton-Black:
PUK;  I feel your pain.

There are two ways to go on this; Go for the complete registry and issuance of scrolls, or leave it as a completely self administered scheme, where those who want a scroll download it and hang it on their own wall.  I started the first, but reverted to the second as I got busy (and lazy!!!!)

Which way do the fellowship of the soot want to go?

Pony Racer:
I too was suprised by the sudden silence in this forum.

It is almost like some folks thought that too many shooters were coming in for recognition of their sooty ways...

I run with the loosely associated but tight nit group the Virginia Fire and Brimstone Posse and have fun doing that but thought that maybe this group could be a wider group of people with a wide mix of range in the SOOTY ways.

I am glad I did not order those pins...I had worked with a pin company got a design good to go with first pin done up for approval and was about to plop down the first payment myself - which while not a "princely sum" would have been a minor investment.



Lucky Irish Tom:
PR, you need to let people know and then take orders with money up front, like the Posses do for badges. If they want a pin bad enough they will put up some cash.

Sir Charles, I sort of figured we would have a list of members along with their honorary titles that you mentioned, like some of the other boards, such as RATS and SHOTS, do. As far as the scrolls, none of us do this for a living, so I am fine with downloading and printing on the paper of their choice, this would also give them the option of changing the font to something special like an old style script.

I also find it strange that there were multiple posts requesting we ask the Marshal for this special space and now that we have it, it's sort of like a treehouse that no one uses. If we are not going to use it then let me know there is no need for the Marshal to maintain this space on the website if it is not going to be used.

Steel Horse Bailey:
This board's not dead - some of us "mouthy" types have simply been attending to other facets of life and spending less time here with our electronic friends a fellow Soot Lords.

Like finding ammo.  Or Powder.  Or primers.

And being generally disgusted with our country's current "leader."  (You notice that I put the word in quotes.  Most of them couldn't lead a parched blind man to a water fountain.  Can you say "inept?")

Have a nice day - and keep shooting Black Powder - like I do!


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