Advice to the New CAS Shooter

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When I started all I had was boots, spurs, chaps, 3 or 4 hats, a few wild rags, holster and gun belt, and my Colt SA, .45 colt.
I even had a couple of horses and a few saddles but they hadn't invented mounted shooting yet. I did that my self shooting a rattler from horseback... I never saw my horse jump sideways so dang fast before...or after :o I missed the snake's head but hit him in the body. For my second shot, I dismounted. I might have been born at night but it sure wans't last night!!!!
I went to a local match and a pard let me borrow his lever action and his shot gun. I offered to pay for the ammo I shot in the lever gun (I had my own shotgun ammo) but he wouldn't take it. That was when only one pistol wae required.
Everyone made me feel welcome, and it was a few matches before I got a Rossi 92, and another year or two before I got a shotgun.

Cuts Crooked:
I showed up at my first match gimping along on a  broken toe so I din' do any shootin that first time out. But several of the pards there tried purdy hard ta talk me into usin' thier gear ennyway.

Next time out I had already acquired the gunz I needed, a used .45 Remington 75, a Cabelas Millenium in .45, a .357 Rossi lever gun, and a well worn old SxS twelve bore. I wuz dressed in black jeans, an old white dress shirt wif the collar cut off, plain black cowbot boots, an old hat that had been over the mountains 'n down the creek, and a pair of CLIP ON suspenders. :o (I prolly looked 'bout as silly as a sunbonnet on a groundhog! :D ) And I had the time of my life!

Bottom line...ain't no reason not to go 'n give it a look see! Ya might/could miss out on the best thing ya ever had chance at..'cept fer that redheaded gal you nebber worked up the courage ta ask fer a date wen you wuz a teenager! ;)

Texas Lawdog:
I bought a couple of 357 Ruger Blackhawks, a used Rossi 92, and a Norinco 97.  I bought some San Pedro Leather. I already had the Western Clothes(standard issue in Texas). I just had to learn how to shoot a single action pistol. Its a lot different than shooting double action. Remembering to cock the hammer with my left hand has been the hardest thing to master.  I'm righthanded.  I'ts been a lot of fun and I have gotten to meet many great folks. I won't ever be a World champ or a Overall champ, hitting the target every time is my goal. Accuracy is more important that speed.


Vin Weasel:
Lotta good advice here.  I'm a newbie, and I've started my collection, but don't have a perfect setup yet. 

I've got a Norinco 97 which I love to shoot.  I've got 3 Cap 'n Ball pistolas...a '51 Navy Reb, Walker and a Remington "Buffalo".  The Navy is fine for me, but the Walker is a mite heavy for a feller my size, and the Remington, besides having "modern" style sights, is just too akward with it's 12 inch barrel. 

I've also got a couple Win. 94's, a .44 Mag. Wrangler and a .357 Trapper, and aside from the inherent shortcomings of the 94 action where CAS is concerned, I've read that the 9 round mag. capacity would also be a handicap.  The Trapper is NIB, so I'm probably going to trade or sell it for a 92 copy of some sort in .357/.38. 

I've got a cartridge belt, but I'm waiting on holsters til I make up my mind which pistols I'm gonna get.  I'm planning on starting with the Navy, but I'm looking to get a .357/.38 SAA clone or Vaquero to go with it, and later another one to match.

Suggestions anyone?  Much appreciated.


Really good topic and lots of good advice.
Myself, I had seen a little about CAS on OLN and said to myself, sure wish there was something like this around here. Really thought it was a California thing. My buddy and I were in a pawn shop looking at guns (hunting) and out of the blue this salesman said "well if you boys like shooting, you should come out and watch us cowboy shoot". It has been downhill ever since.
The biggest mistake a new shooter (IMHO) can make is trying to get everything together before going to the first match. I think most of us started with a different set of guns and holsters than we use now, I know I have gone through several sets to get where I am today. If the new shooter will just go to the range and try different options, they will usually save money in the long run.
Like some one else said, GO. I don't think you will be disappointed.


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