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Hello All,

For family reasons, I am leaving the left coast and will be trying to shoot with the Texican Rangers October 9th (I hope I got that date right!).

So I have a couple of questions  ....

First, it would be much easier to pick up my ammo in the Lone Star State than carry it on the aircraft ... the guns will be daunting to fly out of CA with, much less ammo. So, since I shoot .45 Schofield, is there a SASS friendly gun shop that I can call and have some waiting for me? In a perfect world, they could either ship it to my cousin's B&B in Mason or possibly bring it to the shoot .... again, in a perfect world.

Here is a recent pic ....

For a SASS Member but guest at your club, what is the charge to shoot?

Someone who shot with y'all said that y'all put on a barbecue that had to be experienced ... it was just too good to put into words in his mind. Do y'all still have the Barbecue? If so, is there an extra charge for the chow that I should bring money to?

Lastly, it would be nice to talk to a few people before I get there so that I would at least know some names .... so don't be shy ... say hi and pull up a chair for a palaver or two .... *S*

Pancho Peacemaker:
Regarding ammo.  Contact 3 B Shooting Supply.  They are the most cowboy friendly gun shop in Texas.  Ask for Oklahoma Tom.  Tell him Pancho sent you.  He's a Ten-X dealer and usually has loads of cowboy ammo in stock.  I'm sure he'll be able to ship you out some ammo to your B&B location.  (You are correct:  flying with bulk ammo is a MAJOR pain and very expensive.)

Regarding the Texican Rangers:  Contact Dusty Chambers.  He's their TG and a very nice pard to shoot with:

Grouchy Spike:
Texican Rangers are shooting on Sat 9/11 and Sun 9/12.

Chili cookoff Saturday, chili lunch for $5.

Wild Bunch and Cowboy Main Matches on Saturday - shoot either; Cowboy Main Match on Sunday

$20 match fee for visitors.

See you there!



Unfortunately, I am not getting there until the 9th of October; but if you will be there, stop by and say hi!

Dusty Chambers:
Sorry I missed this post earlier. Kinda computer sick after 6- 8 hours of it at work. Glad ya made the shoot. I started that brisket at 4pm Friday, satying up most of the night. I stopped drinking Crown at 3 am.
2 of them briskets were cooked by another member. Last year we ran out of food, we have more non shooting folks last year. I cut a corner of one them briskets and saved it fer me. Was too busy to eat much at the range. The only problem was cutting it up, was so tender it feel apart.
I hope stage 5 didn't scare ya with them 8 inch plates. That was the frist time we used them in a monthly match. I always try to do a little throw back of earleir type cas shooting, mixed in for Shindig.


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