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Russ McCrae:

--- Quote from: Capt. Montgomery Little on August 12, 2010, 09:19:06 PM ---Great idea, Pancho.  Anything down around Carrizzo Springs? Also, where did you get that hat you are wearing in your profile picture?

--- End quote ---

The Texas Riveria Pistoleros are actually even closer to you now. A member has set aside some of his property to make a cow town for they're shoots out near George West. I'm seeing big things out of them in the future ;D

Shotgun Franklin:

--- Quote ---Anything down around Carrizzo Springs?
--- End quote ---

The South Texas Pistolaros shoot the first Saturday of each month at 'A Place To Shoot' on the south side of San Antonio. The range has a web site with a map. Get there about 8;00 am and we'll get you ready pretty quick.


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