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Colt SAA with black powder frame

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Jake MacReedy:
This is just a "tantalizing" tidbit...I recently purchased a "new-build" late 3rd Gen. Colt SAA with a 5 1/2" barrel in .45 Colt with the black powder frame.  Now it is a fine revolver as is, but I thought to myself "why not give it a case-hardened hammer and 1-piece walnut grips to go along with its bullseye ejector?"  So I sent the hammer off to Dan Printz in North Carolina to have it color case-hardened, and sent the gripframe off to Don Collins in Indiana to have some 1-piece fancy walnut grips fitted.  Both the hammer and the grips should be back in a couple oif weeks.  As soon as they come in, and I reinstall them, I will post pics of my new "1870's Colt SAA."


St. George:

I expect the return of three color-case-hardened hammers, myself - probably this week.

Amazing how something so simple can turn back the Hands of Time.

I know you'll be well pleased.


Scouts Out!

I asked Colt why they don't color case harden the hammer, their reply was that it made the hammer brittle. It seems odd that their older guns had a cch hammer, and I don't believe those were brittle.

What do you fellas think about that?



St. George:
If you spoke to Customer Service, don't be surprised that you got an answer that wasn't 'complete', since most of those folks aren't 'gun' people and work away from the main plant.

They're limited to what they're told - nothing more - even their supervisors.

Colt likely doesn't -case-harden the hammers, because leaving the flats bright is easier and cheaper, and because sometimes small parts - when truly case-hardened - can warp, causing a dollar loss in replacement.


Scouts Out!

Fox Creek Kid:
St. George, you´re going to like those hammers.  ;D ;)


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