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St. George:
Everyone knows a little bit about the so-called 'Suicide Special' - but that appelation covers spur-trigger revolvers made by the bigger outfits as well.

Including Colt.

They produced a small-framed pocket revolver called the 'Open Top' - starting in 1871 and their production ran until 1877, producing 114,201 revolvers and arming all manner of folks.

They featured blued barrels and nickel-plated frames, for the most part, though some were a fully- plated and they're both attractive and a nice piece to add to your Old West collection.

Year   Serial Number

1871   1
1872   3000
1873   6000
1874   7500
1875   48000
1876   85000
1877   95000-114201

Should you possess one, and also possess a burning need to shoot it - then buy youself some .22 CB Caps.

Modern .22 Short pressures 'can' destroy them, so exercise some Common Sense.


Scouts Out!


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