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Victoran Labels & Advertising from CANADA!

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One last cigar box label .... this one featuring the the three main British nationalities which made up so much of the English-speaking population of Canada .....

Then a very funky 'Tomato Chutnee' label relying heavily on a testimonial by Canada's first Prime Minister, Sir John A. MacDonald.

Finally, biscuit and soap labels ....

The soap label in the previous post shows Kingston, Ontario, as the location of the manufacturer.  

The single coffee label featured in this post is from Kingston also.  
I am featuring it by itself because I am rather pleased with the way my "'reconstruction" turned out.  
The large image below is what I downloaded.  Click on the thumbnail below it to see the final product .....

Very cool! (not just the weather) As a former Winnipegger now living down South it is great to see the Canucks online. Check out this old box underneath my saddle pockets. Not quite as old as your labels but ... Found a Hudson Bay blanket at a second hand store down here, not the kind of thing you see everyday in Alabama.

Short Knife Johnson:
Rattlesnake Jack, were do you find all the wonderful old labels and such?  Bravo.

and no, I wouldn't think Hudson's Bay blankets abound in craigkennedy's area either.  Good find sir. 


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