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Two Flints:
Hello SSS,  

If any of you are looking for general information about the Evans Repeating Rifle, please check out the listed links that will take you to threads on the Evans that were started on SSS.  Also, a great read on the Evans Repeating Rifle is contained in these two resources:  (1) The Dwight B. Demeritt, Jr. book entitled, Maine Made Guns and Their Makers.  See chapter 10 (X), pages 273-337, "The Evans Brothers and the Evans Rifle Manufacturing Comapny", and (2), the article by Dwight B. Demeritt, found in: The Canadian Journal of Arms Collecting, May 1965, Vol. 3, No. 2, "The Evans Rifle Manufacturing Company and their Canadian Agent", pages 39-59. Both resources are available and a Google search will find you places to purchase.

Two Flints

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***   Stanforth of United Kingdom provides his Loading Information for the Evans Repeating Rifle:  "This is how I load for my New Model Evans here in the UK. Cases... .44 Magnum, unaltered. Bullets , cast lead from a Lee mold . .429 ... 249 grain round nose.  Powder. 40grains of ffg black powder or 10.5 grains of Unique".

"Results... One ragged hole at 25 yards from a bench rest.  3 inch group at 100 yards  prone..... 5 inch group at 200 yards prone. and I aint much of a rifle shot.  It is a super gun to shoot".

"Further to the loading information on the Newe Model Evans. I should have mentioned that I set the bullets out just past the first groove giving a total cartridge legnth of 1.9 ins.
My Evans is in fact a carbine and is ultra rare in the UK.
I tried making full legnth cases by shortening .303 Brit. It worked but no better than the .44 Mag cases and they are easier".  

Please see above two images-- of my rifle and Evans Cartridge. They were taken in a hurry and I can send better ones given time.

You will notice a couple of things. The dust cover over the extraction port is missing . Any ideas? And the fore end is a replacement. More of that later

This carbine was on a UK auction sire for some time. It had a dreadful forend made of oak and that was putting buyers off  as well as the looks of the Evans which is virtually unknown in the UK.
Anyway  I took a ‘punt’ at it bidding what I knew was well under the reserve. Obviously the seller was desperate and I got it for £450  ( $500 at the time)

I fitted a forend off a sporting Martini rifle with the intention of atering the shape after inletting it to fit. As I like the shape I have left it alone.

It suites me fine as it is.


I did my homework and shortened .303 brass. OK but case wall a bit thick. I then tried .44 Magnum.. perfect as long as the bullet was seated well out, see image above.

Bullets. I purchased a Lee mould in .44 mag in .429 and 249grain round nose. Then came the mistake. I read that the Evans bullet was .419 so I made a suitable sizing die. It shot like a watering can. Bullets tumbling and all over the place. I went to unsized bullets. The first opportunity to use it was in a 25 yard ‘Gallery Rifle’ competition.. First shot 3 inched high. Nest 4 through the middle. I won the comp!!

Those first few shoots were using 40 Grains of FFG black powder. The problem was and is cleaning an Evans rifle. My Sharps and my 3 Rolling Blocks are a breeze but getting boiling water through an Evans isn’t easy. I tried smokeless, namely Unique. First 9 grains. Not impressive. Then 11 grains, Super at all ranges up to 200 yards. I haven’t tried it beyond that.

Shooting the Evans.

I have shot it both as a single shot and with a magazine full. As a single shot it is fine with a little practice. Using the magazine is not good. The loading procedure is tiresome and you need an understanding range officer. The rounds are not quite the right shape and do not lend themselves to smooth recycling.

How do I like my Evans?

Simple. I now need 4 things.

A Sporting rifle, a Military rifle, a Transitional and an early rifle.

Stanforth (Geoff)  U.K.

Two Flints:
Hello EORI Visitors,

If you have any information you would like to share regarding the loading and shooting of the Evans Repeating Rifle, or any photos or any other kinds of information about the Evans to contribute to this thread, please feel free to Email it to me at fsgrand2@fairpoint.net. You will receive credit for whatever Evans information you send me.

I hope to keep this thread as an INFORMATIONAL THREAD concerned only with the Evans Repeating Rifle. so please send me your "offerings".

Thank you,

Two Flints
Spencer Shooting Society Moderator


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