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New Goex Cowboy Powder

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Paper Chaser:
Great shooting !!  The misses I had were ALL directly attributable to operator error.  Pleasant to shoot, good smoke, and lots of fun !!  Cleaned up super! except I had to spend a little extra time cleaning the brass on my 1866 Yellowboy but who cares?

Shiloh Sharpie:
Why is this powder desirable over good ole blackpowder?  Clean up of BP is not really a demon and it is the real McCoy.  I just don't understand the substitutes.  This is not a criticism, I am simply and honestly asking a question.  Seems like a lot of bother to avoid something that works fine and is really a hoot.  Of course I may be missing a point here.

Big Hext Finnigan:
Howdy Shiloh,

As I understand it, this is GOEX BP, but with a Cowboy designation.
Hope that helps clear things up.. Haw (get it.. BP.. clear up.. ;))


Cuts Crooked:
Info received from Bill Knight tells me that this stuff is nothing special. It appears to be 2F Goex with more "fines" in it, making it a combination 2f/3F powder. Sort of a middle-of-the-road BP so to speak.

Bill was told that it fouls very fast when used in charges over 40grains and his experiments seem to bear that out.

Bottom ploy! (nuthin wrong with that, but that's what it appears to be)

Shiloh Sharpie:
Thanks to all for the clarification. 


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