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New Goex Cowboy Powder

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Howdy Doody:
Thanks for the input pards, I got a 10 lb case from Powder Inc. I got to try it last weekend. Shot just fine in 45lc cartridges through Kirst converters in ROAs. Cleanup was OK too. I had no fouling problems in 6 stages. I did wipe the crud from around the firing pin on the Kirst with a handi wipe. I had bore butter on the pins, but added nothing else all match. It was fine. Then again so is regular Goex and other than the shine to the grains I see no difference in the powder and the grind looks about the size of Goex Cartridge. Somewhere between FFg and FFFg I suppose. I'll give it some more testing in rifle and shotgun and report back.

Silver Creek Slim:
I just ordered 5 lbs of Goex Cowboy and 20 lbs of FFg from PowderInc.  ;D I am on my last lb of FFg.


Paper Chaser:
Personal experience: shoots great! easy to clean up!  all misses are "operator error". 


Silver Creek Slim:

--- Quote from: Paper Chaser on July 28, 2004, 06:21:32 PM ---Personal experience: shoots great! easy to clean up!  all misses are "operator error". 

--- End quote ---
I thought it was going to eliminate misses. I want my money back!   ;)


Paper Chaser:
Slim and all, the "misses" were NOT, repeat NOT, the fault of the "black stuff"; just wasn't properly pointed by the shooter.
It is pretty darn good stuff.  I may never try any of the substitute stuff.  I'll keep trying, besides as a member of SBSS I must defeat the dreaded stealth bullet.  Right, Slim?


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