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Uberti '76 Saddle Ring Carbine!!!!!


OK, I'll admit that the title is a dirty trick and a bit miss-leading... :-\  I haven't seen one, nor have I heard ANYTHING about when they are going to be produced.  That's kind of the point of this post: Has ANYONE heard ANYTHING about if, or when, Uberti will introduce their version of the saddle ring carbine?  Are they holding out until the SHOT Show?  Personally, I want one in 45-60.  Any good rumors?  Heck, at this point I'd be happy with "the second cousin of my best friend Earl's nephew said..."   :(

Grizzly Adams:
Hi, Mossyrock!

Nope, I have not heard anything to suggest that they have one coming. :-\  However, since Uberti is a bit behing the curve on getting their version to market, I we will be seeing one as soon as they get the pipeline filled with the current rifle versions and calibers.

Frankly, I am hoping they will be awhile, so I can replenish the piggy bank for a while! ;D

Buck Stinson:
I agree.  I think once Uberti shows substantial sales on the rifle, they will offer a carbine.  If it's the same quality as the rifle or any of the other Uberti lever actions, it will definately be on my list.  I have a few original 1876 carbines and they're even more fun than the rifle.  Believe me, if you take a .45-75 or a .50 Express to the range or to a shoot and let others shoot it, they will remember you and the gun for the rest of there lives.



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