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Title: Best Practices for Conducting Cowboy Action Matches in a COVID-19 Environment
Post by: Marshal Halloway on May 25, 2020, 12:21:39 PM


2020 has certainly brought a whole new set of challenges across the globe- and as restrictions for gatherings have begun to be eased in many parts of the world, clubs have begun readying themselves to begin holding matches again. SASS’ number one priority has always been the safety of our members. As such, we have composed the below “Best Practices for Safety” guideline. Please understand this is only an outline meant to provide guidance. Above and beyond (or below) what is included in the document, all local and state mandates and restrictions pertaining to the COVID-19 Pandemic specific to your area take priority and must always be followed. Please take time to review the document, and reach out to your local club for any additional information on staying safe during this time.

To view the document, see attachment to this post.