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Old Photos of Henry Rifles New Pic 11.18.

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Major 2:
Should be safe now Kid...I made it a sticky  :)

Old Henry:

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Col. George Washington Kirk, commander of 3rd North Carolina Mounted Infantry,Union,with his father Alexander, standing, and his brother John, at left.The Third Mounted Infantry was organized under Col. George Washington Kirk in February 1864.


Fox Creek Kid:

--- Quote from: Major 2 on March 30, 2016, 04:30:55 PM ---Should be safe now Kid...I made it a sticky  :)

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Great!! Thanks.

Old Henry:
Two new photos with Luther Sage 'Yellowstone' Kelly and his Henry Rifle
These photos are from a series of images staged by S.J. Morrow of the famed frontier scout, Luther "Yellowstone" Kelly, including a mock fight with an unidentified Indian. ( post 21 and 30)


Old Henry:
And a new pic. The first 400 Henry Rifles had no lever latch. And i can't see a lever latch. ::)




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