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Old Photos of Henry Rifles New Pic 11.18.

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--- Quote from: Sean Thornton on November 19, 2011, 10:35:50 AM ---That is a super find.  Where did you find the picture, I have seen the letter by Ekstrand before.  Thanks

--- End quote ---

Hi Sean,
scroll down to the 10th row.


Fox Creek Kid:
It's too bad this old thread died and as well most of the splendid photos erased as it was fantastic.  :'(

Old Henry:
Fox Creek Kid, here they are.  ;D

Old Henry aka Henry4440 aka Lonesome Henry

Old Henry:
Ok one more.  ;D


Fox Creek Kid:
Back from the dead!!! Some really rare photos in this thread!!! Thanks, I thought this old thread had been purged.



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