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Enterin' this thread on the eastbound Union Pacific, Delmonico wonders if anyone will be in Kearney ta meet him.  No matter it is gettin' late, so he uses his feather piller from the Fort Sill thread and a blacket from his soogun and curls up on the train seat ta sleep till the train gets ta Kearney. ::)

When the train arrives in Kearney, Delmonico gathers his mule and gear and heads ta the livery stable.  With his mule and gear safe for the night, he heads to a hotel along main street ta put himself up fer the night.  As he gets ready ta go ta bed he makes plans for this next adventure.   ::)

He also laughs when he thinks about the scare the Indians are gonna give Slim on his return trip from his weekend visit to see his wife and 16 kids. ;D ;D

Delmonico gets up and decides to wander around Kearney and see the sighte till someone shows up. ::)


Just past suppertime Trinity rides into camp but finds no one there.  Most distressing is the fact that Trinity could find NO FOOD!  Surely Delmonico would have made some food for the gang, knowing that after such a long and arduous trip food would be all that they would be wanting. 

"Ah'm going to stoke  up the fahr and lay down a bit in hopes that Delmonico will arrive back soon.  I know He'll come back cuz his dutch ovens are here in his wagon!"  Ifn he aint back soon, Ah'll have to go lookin fer him.  Ah'll just wait here an stay awake..."  As soon as Trinity finished talking to himself he fell asleep.

Delmonico rides inta camp and gently, with the toe of his boot, KICKS TRINITY AWAKE.

Saddle up and put yer butt in it we're goin' ta town and eat, there is a really good all you can eat fer one price Chineesee eati' house in town and they are great! ;D


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