April 1, Fooling around making the coffee & toast

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Major 2:
A late morning start to the new thread  ??? no fooling  :)

Major E A Sterner:
Thanks Major 2, I went to bed early after taking a muscle relaxer due to inflaming my back replacing the water pump on my wife's car. Hope Y'all have a uneventful day.

Major 2:
Oh boy, I know that pain  :(  fell better Major !


50F and drizzle.   

A nice thing about having heart problems is I don't have to do work on cars, shovel snow or mow the grass. The bad thing is there is a lot of things I shouldn't do that I wish I could. :-[   

Muggy here today, but Del, glad to see you here, they were asking about you on Sassnet the other day.


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