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The American Buffalo by Ken Burns


River Rat:
Upcoming PBS special to be broadcast Oct 16 & 17. Watched the trailer for this recently and planning to view the whole thing once available. Looks like it’s focused on the Native American side of the bison/buffalo story although there was a quick shot of market buffalo hunters as well. And is supposed to include some details on how the species was saved from extinction and brought back. Should be interesting and hopefully well done.

Quick shot of market buffalo hunters really impresses me.
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River Rat:
Watched part one today and thought it well done. There was some good background on the original range of the bison and how that gradually shrank over time before the sharp drop in population during the buffalo-hunting era of the mid-to-late 1800s. The discussion of how the market demand changed from meat to hides and then finally transitioned to the bones was interesting and informative, even if a little depressing when realizing the scope of the near-extinction that occurred. Looking forward to watching part two.



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