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Capt Quirk:
While shopping at the local Wally world, I happened to find a 3 pack of Sellecks westerns for $7.50. It includes Monte Walsh, Crossfire Trail, and Last Stand at Sabre Creek.

I got it mostly for Monty Walsh, and wished it had Quigley, but it's a solid win any way you look at it.

Virgil Lantey:
I enjoyed all of those movies.  Rumor has it that Selleck has an extensive collection of his western movie memorabilia.

Dave T:
I bought the same 3-pack a couple of years ago. (smile)



Tuolumne Lawman:
Three of my favorites.  I have all three, as well as Quigley and one or two more of his lesser ones.

I have the same set and really enjoy those movies.  Wish it had included Quigley Down Under, would have been a perfect box set.


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