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Texas Tall:
 I would like the thoughts of users of this forum on doing a swap of club newsletters a couple of times a year etc. Just a thought and to get an idea of our various club goings on etc, what do you think.?
 Regards.........Texas Tall. :-\ :-\ :-\
 GSC 002

Dakota Dan from OZ:
Good idea TT. We have  CASS newsletters and SASA newsletters ,they would let our US brothers and sisters know what happens and how me do things downunder.

Dakota Dan from OZ

We have a very enthusiastic shooter here in NZ who puts out a general newsletter about CAS here in NZ

The Hangman Will Lynch

If you send a e-mail to him at

I'm sure he would add you to his mailing list.



Texas Tall:
Thanks Dai, I will do that and see what happens,
 GSC 002  :) :) :)

Camille Eonich:
We don't have any clubs doing newsletters lately.  May need to fix that.


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