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New Western game trailer

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Jake C:

Not sure if any of you good folks have seen this, but I thought y'all would enjoy a Western in any form. It's amazing how good graphics are nowadays.

Harley Starr:
Looks like fun.

Shawnee McGrutt:
Almost real.
I don't know much about these games.  Does this take a special system? 


Jake C:
Shawnee, right now it's been announced for the Play Station 4 and the Xbox One. I'd imagine that it'll be on PC at some point. The graphics just blew me away.

I'm excited for it. The previous game in the series is why got me interested in the American West and Old Western firearms up to the WWI era.

Jake C:
New trailer just came out today. Looks like a tale of outlaws and other bad men and women. ;D


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