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Welcome to our pards from down under!

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Just wanted to welcome you to your own forum in CasCity! Ya got friends here!

Camille Eonich:
I second that!  ;D

Four-Eyed Buck:
Now all they have to do is discover it!!!!!!.........Buck 8) ::) :o ;)


Texas Tall:
Thank you Pards for the welcome and some of us have visited with you in the past and have always been made feel at home.
 I must appolagize to you Camille as last time we were in the chat room I think Wallaby Jack blew the whole web site up.least that's what I told him.
 I hope commonsense prevails in the other thing so we can just wait and see.
  Thanks again,Regards.............Texas Tall. :) :) :)

Wallaby Jack:
Thanks for your warm welcome.

Miss camille, don't you believe that feller Texas Tall, he even tells folks that he beats me all the time.....


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