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Wallaby Jack:
Well HOWDY !!

I gits ta be foist in this here new wing.

OK, now it seems that us Internationals is bein' dealt a dud hand in regard to the Chronicle from SASS.

I'm on dial-up and it took over an hour and a half to download it. And I don't even want to think about the paper and ink to print it out.

At my initial glance I homed in on an ad that caught my eye, only to find it unreadable (even at 200%).

I reckon a lot of us are gonna check all the way to page 112 for them pretty girls in the Taylor's and Co. ad. (that is where it is, right ?)

I love it in hard copy and I pass it on to others who are involved in the sport but can NOT afford the extra for International membership(s).

(:verydissapointed: smilie)

Hoodoo Brown:
I said I will vote with my feet. Here I am . What do you have to offer ???

Hoodoo Brown:

Go to bed otherwise Laura will getbstuck into both of us.



Texas Tall:
No point goin to bed Hoodoo, won't have the CC to read,. ??? ??? ???
  See ya ................T.T.


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