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Scarlet Angel:
With camping season in full swing I’m always on the look out for items to make my life in camp more comfortable or my packing lighter. I would love to hear about camping items you recommend or don’t recommend for any era camp.

Camping Towel…I bought the human shamy for about $3. It’s a foot wide and 3 feet long. The package shows a lady (with short hair) in a swimsuit drying her hair. It doesn’t work worth a ….on my hair..but is good for the body out of the shower. I didn’t try it over clothing.  Yes I tried this before I was stuck with it in camp. It will be a great alternative to packing a couple towels (except if I want to wash my hair)

Forty Rod:
Here's an oldie for short trips and fresh eggs.  See if you can find a couple of old Alka Seltzer bottles with lids and wash them in really hot water to sterilize them.  Break the eggs carefully and put them in the bottles.  Each bottle should hold about 5 to seven eggs.  Put a piece of Saran wrap over the top of each one and carefully screw the lid on.

Now when you're ready you can pour out one egg at a time as you need them, easily separate the yolks and whites and, if the weather isn't too hot, have eggs that are good for a couple of days, maybe longer.

Angel, take a look at:

There’s an ole gal there what writes a column on campin’ ‘n grillin’ recipes. Some of the simple stuff she does ya just wouldn’t think about. Stuff like Forty just wrote. It’s geared towards racin’ tailgaters ‘n track campers but it looks to me all would work in the woods.

Scroll down ‘n watch the left the page for ‘Tips & Recipes’. Don’t think they archive the things ‘n she don’t write every week.

My tip on campin’, 1-888-HOLIDAY. 


litl rooster:
   Forty, you ever been to Mule Days in Bishop?   If enny you ever get chance watch the pack string races. Them people pack aigs in the natural container

Scarlett,  every one I know that camps does it in a different manner, personally I prefer Horse back with a pack animal.  My Bride prefers one you unhook from a truck or motel ::)

If I take a tent, I prefer one of these you can roll your bed roll up in it. Top pack it or throw it in the truck, about 2 minutes to set up.  I go camping to get away and don't plan on woking while I do it.

Texas Lawdog:
I'm too old to sleep outside anymore. A travel trailer or mini-motorhome would be more my style.  I spent alot of time living in tents in the Army.  What about one of those "Shamm  WoW towels they been advertizing on TV?


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