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Tombstone Bank Ledger Signatures - Earps, Clanton, McLaury and more

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Rube Burrows:
I found these in my files from a while back and thought I would share them here. Some of you maybe have seen these but they are from an 1881 signature book that the Bank used to verify signatures. Lots of well known signatures in here.

Rube Burrows:
You'll see that Big Nose Kate actually signed Kate Holliday

Rube Burrows:
Here you can see that W. R. McLaury is in town after his brothers were killed.

Coal Creek Griff:
I hadn't seen those before. Thanks!

CC Griff

Rube Burrows:

--- Quote from: Coal Creek Griff on April 15, 2020, 09:39:33 AM ---I hadn't seen those before. Thanks!

CC Griff

--- End quote ---

You're most welcome.



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