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I'm getting a new Bone felt cowboy hat, more or less Quigley style for summer.  In the movies, Tom Selleck wears leather hat bands in some of the movies.  In looking at 1870-1890 pictures, I've only seen ribbons.  I'd like to get something a little different, but still be authentic to roughly 1880.  I would guess that the more simple the band, the more likely it would be on a cowboy's head.  I searched on Leather Hat Band on this sight and didn't come up with much.  Quigley's is basically a one inch or so band, tied around back.  I've also seen bands made out of twisted or braided leather (shoe laces more or less).  I've seen the modern / movie bands with brass dots like on knife sheaths. 

Comments, links, etc would be appreciated.



Will Ketchum:
I believe that many wore hat bands made from braided horse hair. Apparently it was a favorite pass time when not out with the herd. Sitting around the bunk house in their spare time or at a line shack.  it wasn't like they would run out of material to use. Similar to sailors making ship models or carving whale's teeth.

Will Ketchum

Professor Marvel:
I myself favor Northern Plains beaded hatbands, or my home-made bone-chokers with glass and copper beads interspersed.
both need a serruptitious stich here and there to prevent loss.

in each case, width is dependendant upon the desired look on each hat.

prof marvel

Buck Stinson:
All I can say is forget everything you see in the movies and concentrate on the vintage photos you mention.  I have collected vintage (1849-1900) cowboy gear for 50 years.  I have had many hats from the 1870-1885 period and NONE of them had anything other than their original silk band.  Horse hair became popular in the 1930's with the early movie serials.  I'm not saying that beads, horsehair and other stuff didn't exist, but when looking at a thousand vintage photos, how many of these do you see?   No more than can be counted on one hand.

Thanks guys

1.  Buck, when DID any sort of leather hat band show up?

2.  I had a link to a website with hundreds of cowboy pictures and I can't find it again.  What good links are there for looking at cowboy hats, and I'll extend that to 1870 to 1910. 

Thanks again



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