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The Barracks / Trapdoors and collar-buttons
« Last post by LongWalker on Yesterday at 09:11:03 PM »
Today I received via USPS a LEE 6 cavity mould for a collar-button bullet.  These will hopefully replace the .457" round balls I've using for plinking.  Has anyone tried these out?   Looking for thoughts on loads etc, and if anyone has done anything special to the brass (reamed flashholes etc)?  I"ve got an order of new brass on the way, not sure if I should budget for some of these to become designated plinking brass or not. 
The Longbranch / Re: Just FYI Twitter has been cut in half.
« Last post by RRio on Yesterday at 09:03:58 PM »
Awhile back, after countless invites and many years of avoiding FB.
I had a brain fart and signed up , one of the questions was my birth date.
I didn't care for them to know, so I left it blank....

I actually made my 1st and only post (if that what it's called) that I was on FB.

about 45 mins later, I received a message from FB  "my account was suspended ... Reason? they deemed me TOO YOUNG to be on  ::)....  I'm still suspended

 I can do without the MORONS!
Nothing but MORONS at FB. As soon as In get my ducks all lined up, I am say AMF to it forever.
Tall Tales / Re: December coffee and grub
« Last post by Major 2 on Yesterday at 08:51:19 PM »
She didn't get HIM !
Tall Tales / Re: December coffee and grub
« Last post by Major 2 on Yesterday at 07:30:57 PM »
Came home from the Museum, 7pm and dark to see my wife with all the garage lights on.
She was standing about 10 feet from the double doors holding an 8' bent curtain rod, something akin to a C shape  ???
I asked "what are U doing"  ?

She say's  :o " SNAKE ... big SNAKE , DON"T Drive in there ! "

All I could think of was ....  the BC Comic strip  ;D
Books & Movies / Re: The Trench
« Last post by 1961MJS on Yesterday at 04:59:10 PM »
I've always thought many of the generals of the Great War were incompetent.  "Let's charge the German machine guns for the twenty seventh time.  I'm just sure it will work THIS time!!"

Exactly, this is why Dad went and joined the Army Air Corps in June 1941 instead of waiting to get drafted.  He knew a few people who didn't make it out of a cyclone at Finschhaven, but no getting shot at.  WW2 didn't emphasize the whole Run into the Machine Guns.  Our neighbor got a Silver Star for Saipan and another one for Iwo Jima.  Each came with a Purple Heart.
Tall Tales / Re: December coffee and grub
« Last post by Delmonico on Yesterday at 12:47:24 PM »
Heepie Jeepies is doing much better, better than my wife who has had it for almost 2 weeks, maybe the antibiotics?
« Last post by CraigC on Yesterday at 12:40:40 PM »
That's a nice one and I agree, the price is nuts.

I have to take such an issue with something said in the listing. This dumb idea that factory test firing somehow affects the "unfired" status of a firearm. "Unfired" means it's never been fired since leaving the factory. What happened before that is irrelevant.

Colt even test fires new SAA's before the cylinder is finished.
USFA CSS / Re: New to me - New to shoot
« Last post by CraigC on Yesterday at 12:36:43 PM »

It's not quite as nice as the Pre-War I got from you but it isn't bad for a back-up.  And thanks for the help in posting the picture.

No problem but you didn't get one from me. ;)
Tall Tales / Re: December coffee and grub
« Last post by Silver Creek Slim on Yesterday at 10:37:49 AM »
Morning y'all.
Coffee and tea are hot.

'Tis 11 and sunny. WC -2. High of 22.

Spencer Shooting Society / Re: spencer brass and mold for original
« Last post by matt45 on Yesterday at 09:21:24 AM »
I'm only constrained by the room in my gun safe and my wife  ;)
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