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Frontier Iron / Re: 32 rimfire
« Last post by Books OToole on Today at 07:24:24 AM »
When you collect pocket pistols; you end up collecting pocket pistol holsters.

NCOWS / Re: Dr. Bob
« Last post by Silver Creek Slim on Today at 07:21:43 AM »
Sorry to hear. I'll be praying for the family.

NCOWS / Dr. Bob
« Last post by Books OToole on Today at 07:18:54 AM »
One of the most colorful NCOWS characters has passed to the great beyond.

Tall Tales / Re: September Morn, Best time for Cawfee and Tea.
« Last post by Silver Creek Slim on Today at 07:18:29 AM »
Morning y'all.
Coffee and tea are ready.

'Tis 36 and sunny. Fog in the creek bed. High of 72.


 The welding on the firing pin face would be he easy fix to get a little more reach out of the firing pin. And can always be removed if you wish.
 As for the chamber edge, you may want to try to clean that up a little better even with shooting it with the center fire breach block.
My best,
The Darksider's Den / Re: Hodgdon closes Goex plant
« Last post by Holsterguy on Today at 04:44:29 AM »
Yeah, heard the news last night. Really sucks.
Always shyed away from black cause of how bad it fowled, then found Olde Eynsford. Thats about all I shoot any more. Love it.
The Winchester Model 1892 / Re: Hey Isom, look what I got!
« Last post by Abilene on Yesterday at 10:44:52 PM »
The front sight, old vs new.
Since it is half of a half-franc, I guess I should call it a quarter-franc.  :D
The Winchester Model 1892 / Re: Hey Isom, look what I got!
« Last post by Abilene on Yesterday at 10:43:20 PM »
Another update.  First, I had done up a simple lever wrap before I shot the BP match, and thought maybe I would throw together a simple butt cover.  I mean REAL simple.  :)  I did not have much faith in the super thin material (I'm not even sure if it is actually leather), and I was right as the second photo shows what it looked like after one match.  It did work fine, though.

So next I decided to change out the front sight.  I was all prepared with a punch and small hammer to get the pin out, but when I pushed against it with the punch the pin just came out with finger pressure.  I was expecting the coin would just need to be cut in half and then drilled for the pin, but when the penny came out I found out I needed to cut a notch in the coin.   Dremel and a file took care of that.  Also had to thin the center part of the half-franc so it would fit into the slot on the front sight.  Haven't shot it yet but I like the sight picture a lot better.  I also ordered a lighter ejector spring from Nate Kiowa Jones.  When I open the gun to install that, I might lighten the main spring some as well. 
1860 Henry / Re: Lots of Henries in the movies.
« Last post by Tuolumne Lawman on Yesterday at 08:39:10 PM »
Yep,  IIRC, in Shenandoah there were a couple 92faux -Henry rifles, but one looked real.
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