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Input on the JW2000

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Okay, picked one up yesterday. There are really no useful videos on youtube or even much on regular websites on long term use. Any of you used one over the years and can give me some advice on the little beast? Thanks

Major 2:
This video is not bad 

My shooting pard had one, it worked and at the price it was a real BARGAIN


 :)  Hi There Deacon   ;)

Well . . . they are a little (lot) on the rough side.  When new, quite stiff.  Not particularly "pretty."  I guess the best description I can give is "Functional."  I also think the JW 2000 is a tad light in weight so "Cowboy" level loading is a good idea.

Currently, the "budget" priced Hammer Doubles are in very short supply.  New not at all unless "New Old Stock."  The only choice if you don't want to drop a Grand on a new quality gun is to go "Pre-Owned."

There are NO parts available for the JW2000.  Therefore I can't recommend having at it's innards with sharp tools.  About the most I would consider is to do a little polish of the chambers.  DO NOT mess with the springs.  Messing with the springs is a "one way" trip.

Normally, when one considers the JW2000, and asks, BEFORE purchase, I would say "Don't" but then again from a mechanical and appearance standpoint I'm a Double Gun Snob.  It should be quite functional if not quite "pretty."

Stay Safe Out There

Thanks for the video and advice. At $200 into it, I can't complain. It is working smoothly and has had the chambers reamed already, so I will see how well it fits me and my paws! Also, borrowing a hone for the Stoeger so I can polish those chambers. Going to change the safety to manual on it but leave the cocking spring alone as I am not really bothered by the extra effort to open it and would rather have the reliability there.


 :o  DEACON!!   :o

What kind of "HONE".  Please tell me it's not an automotive break cylinder hone!!!  ::)



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