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My "new" Zastava Coach Gun

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Jake MacReedy:
I picked up this 16 gauge Zastava double a while back.  I finally decided to shorten the barrels on it to 18.5", which I did yesterday.  Still needs the font bead reset, but that will be no problem!  Looking forward to shooting it and patterning it!


Mighty FINE and handsome Coach Gun.  Atz gonna be some fun you betcha.

Stay Safe

where was that gun made?


 :)  degoins   ;)

I ain't Jake Macreedy, didn't stay in a Holliday Inn Express (that I admit too), but Zastava are Arms Manufacturers in Serbia.

Stay Safe out there

Jake MacReedy:
The shotgun was made in what is now Serbia.  When it was manufactured, it was all still Yugoslavia.



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