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Baltimore Ed:
My kind of thread. Don’t know how I missed it when it was fresher. I’m currently redoing a Model 17 solid frame that I recently found. Prior to that I bought a Model 42 that needed help. My M17 needed a internal bolt as the safety notch was broken and the screw that holds in the inertia safety plunger was missing. I luckily found them on fleabay. Needs a bead on the bbl too. The biggest issue was the internal bolt would drop when the gun was cycled and the bolt was to the rear out of the action. I contacted Rusty Marlin and he solved my problem. The stud on the action arm was worn, I mic’ed the other 2 that I had and installed the biggest. Fixed. They are neat old shotguns and provided the internal safety mechanisms are good should be fine to use with cas or field loads [no high brass]. The 1898 seems to be the one to be leery of so proceed with caution Professor. My main Marlin is a 24 but I also have the 17, 21, 42 and a petite extremely cute Model 30 20ga. My club ECSASS allows the Marlin. There was another Marlin shooter named Mr Horn in the club but he moved to Tennessee, he always used a nice engraved Marlin, don’t recall the model. I would love to find an engraved model 24 that wasn’t too nice to shoot.

Baltimore Ed:
Did you ever get your old 1898 fixed up Professor? Hope you didn’t do any Dr Marlin surgery to any of your vital parts. I’m still awaiting a few pieces for my M17 but I’ve been building 2 inch shells for it as I suspect it’s short chambered being solid frame. I found a beautiful engraved Marlin M24 on gb but it’s too much [1700.00] for a cas gun and I don’t need another safe queen. Stay safe in these trying times.

Professor Marvel:
Ah My Dear Ed

Unfortunately, with too many "things" around here, I haven't done squat with the Marlin or my other projects.
I really must set aside a couple hours a day to get to the "fun stuff".
And hire out the not-fun stuff.
like the septic system.

prof marvel

I was at a match w Rowdy & ElPaso at Chabot little over a dozen years ago. 

A marlin 98 shooter (using mild loads) had the bolt blown back to his face.
So, you tell me… is that lawyer crap?


Baltimore Ed:
As much as I use and like my Marlin hammer pumps I wouldn’t shoot a 1898. It would get deactivated [firing pin removed] and become a wall hanger. I do compete with impoved later Models 24, 30 and 42. Haven’t gotten my solid frame right as it got bumped to the back of the safe for other builds. Shot the Model 30 20 ga at back to back shoots earlier this year. Last month used a M12 riot, I’ll probably use the M24 for October as we are doing a cowboy shoot. To conserve lpp I think I’m going to shoot my Webleys and shoot them single action as I have .455 brass that uses small primers.



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