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A lever action 1887 shotgun as a Turkey gun

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Rowdy Fulcher:
This shotgun is not an original Winchester . It is a Chinese gun that Frog installed a 28 inch barrel on . He also fitted it with choke tubes which works Great .

   Greetings, RF!

   Those Win 87 Shotguns are really handsome, and I like what you had
done to yours. Bravo on the Turk!
   I'd really like to budget for one...!


Rowdy Fulcher:
 Well it's almost Turkey season . I am  planning my hunting trip . I have lots of BP shotgun shells loaded . Do we have any Turkey Hunters out there .

Rowdy Fulcher:
I have taken my 87 with a 20 inch barrel and tubed it . I am wanting to see the difference between a 20 inch barrel and a 28 inch barrel with the same tube size . Will they perform the same ?

Rowdy Fulcher:
Got my shotgun back yesterday . Fired a few test rounds and everything is working . Will start testing patterns this weekend . If she has a good tight pattern at 40 yards that will be my Turkey gun this season . I have posted a picture from the past , just to see if I could . Thought I might have forgot .



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