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What do you do as an LEO??

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John Barleycorn:
 I work in the Patrol division, been doing that throughout my career.  I worked for a 3rd class city ( 50,000 ) for five years before I got my current position for a smaller suburb ( 20,000 ). I have been a motor officer for the last five years. Yep, they pay me to ride a Harley around during the warmer months Im in a cruiser the rest of the time. I like patrol I do what I want, I check my businesses, and residential areas, take a break when I want, answer my calls Its pretty close to being my own boss. Our sergeants are pretty laid back, but definatly there when you need them just not breathing down your neck.
 I'm not sure though if I would encourage my boys to become Police officers, but I supose I would support them and encourage them to try many things. I have a while yet there 7 and 9.

Joined corrections at the tender age of 36! Worked for the first 9 1/2 years in maximum security worming my way up through the ranks, then promoted to a rank equivalent to Lieutenant, moved to a variable security institution. Returned to max as an acting Deputy Governor/Warden I suppose you guys would call it (too old to promote any further, handy if they had problems it seems. Spent the last four years or so travelling as an acting Deputy, ended up as a Command Tactician, in rge of matters tactical and intel for a big slice of the state. Coordinated 20+ field intelligence officers, etc ensured compliance with security programs for twelve jails, ensured day to day incidents in the command were handled promptly and correctly (acted a bit like a spin doctor, but was centred on getting things to work properly, not cover tracks) best job I ever had! Moved back as a deputy /security manager of a jail and my wife took real ill (so did I, been dodging the doctor for years) and was medically retired in late October (after 22 1/2 years). Now a full time driver/carer/cook/coffee maker/housekeeper, etc.

I have been a bit busy and haven't been on the board lately, missed you guys.

Buffalo Creek Law Dog:
twenty five years in the Military Police retiring with the rank of Captain.  Took a part time retirement hobby job as a traffic cop running radar on the highway for two municipalities for 10 years.

Totally retired now.

Tuolumne Lawman:

Readers digest version.  1974 to 1998 (with 4 year disability break 1988 to 1992):

6 years total dectectives/investigation (investigative specialty sexual assault/child molest for three of it)
1 year Juvenile
2 years plain clothes pro-active
11 years total patrol

Marshal Tac:
My facination with the badge started as a kid when my Pa was a police officer in the town that I grew up in... Became a Police Explorer my freshman year in high school. Graduated high school and joined the army as an MP, got out and within 3 months was in the academy for the very same PD my father had worked for.... Have worked for 2 other PD's since.
89-93: U.S. Army Military Police, Panama and points south.

93-95: Patrol in my home town

95-97: Lateralled to the State Capital PD when I got married and had to move. Worked Patrol, days, graves and weekends, ending up as shift supervisor for dayshift weekends.

97-present: Worked Patrol for 3 years, then FTO, then promoted to Corporal. As a Corporal I have supervised 3 different patrol squads, two on graveyard shift and one on a "relief squad" Days/swings. I have been my departments Range Master/Lead Firearms Instructor/Armorer since 1999 in addition to my Patrol and supervisory duties. I have been a firearms instructor since 1996. I was the lead Sniper on our SWAT team for 5 years before stepping down to make some time for my family. (Patrol, SWAT, and Firearms all at the same time was just too much at once.) I have been promised a "full time" Range Master/Armorer position, that I hope is staffed soon. If/When that happes, I hope to finish out my 20 in that position, as that is what I enjoy most and have the most passion for. There is no better feeling in the world than having an officer come to you after just winning a gunfight and shaking your hand and telling you "Thank you" for having helped them pervail when the world went sideways....



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