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Cimarron Model P light Primer Strikes
« on: September 07, 2022, 10:15:29 AM »
 :-[ Just purchased a new, unfired Cimarron Model P 45 cal pistol (three click).  First time out, and under 50 rounds fired, I had FOUR light primer strikes.  These light strikes were not in succession and came with a familiar trigger twitch that I remember from my Uberti 1873 Cattleman.  Both these guns had "a hammer safety" which allowed you to carry 6 rounds (with I never do under any situation).  I found that, with the Cattleman, when the hammer was in a full cock position a rod that passed through the hammer to the firing pin was pushed by an arm on the trigger and locked the firing pin forward which would allow a full primer hit.  When the trigger was released the pressure on the rod was released and the firing pin would contract and, in theory, would not be able to set off a primer.
I found that these light strikes were happening more often than not because the rod was traveling through the hammer and getting very little lubrication so would hang up and the firing pin would not be pushed forward in a firing position and a slight "tingle" would be felt in the trigger pull.  Long story short, I replaced the hammer and trigger with one purchased from Mid West Gun Supply and have been "Light Strike" free ever since.  (Also got my FOUR CLICKS back)  Suggest you do not purchase a Colt clone that does not have FOUR CLICKS.  The first click is the safety click on a four click clone which is missing on a gun that has a hammer safety device.


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