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Question about the Fast Draw Competition...are there any historical matches?


I was wandering though Youtube and came across a Female Fast Draw shooter who was critiquing fast draws in movies.  That got me looking at fast draw competition videos which got me thinking, these competitions are like watching NASCAR.  The shooters use special fast draw holsters and special race guns, I bet there isn't a "stock gun" or historical holster on the premises.  Just like NASCAR there hasn't been a "stock car" run on the track in decades.

I would love to see competition where shooters use actual historical style holsters and actual stock 1800 era six shooters.  I can see maybe having a light tune up on the gun but it should be basically stock with no light springs, custom hammers and full load BP bullets (No mouse  fart loads).

 I used to shoot in SASS and am a A Life Member of NCOWS and used to shoot regularly up until my body went to hades.  I miss shooting and I remember when I was shooting SASS, the first time I shot, I had guys come up to me asking me what the heck I was shooting since their guns went "bang" and my guns went BOOM!!!  I told them I shot full loads straight from the historical loads.   

Anyway I would love to see a real fast draw historical match.    There wasn't much fast drawing in SASS or NCOWS and I think it was actually discouraged.....

River City John:
On the part of NCOWS . . . disallowed, yes, for historical reasons AND safety reasons.



SASS disallows "Fast Draw" for the same Safety and Historical reasons as NCOWS.

"COWBOY FAST DRAW" got fairly close, but I haven't seen mention of that is several years now.


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