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Dave T:
Thanks to all my fellow veterans for your service to our country and it's citizens.


Thank you all who have served and are serving now. May God bless you


I served 26 years in defense of our country.  I also thank ALL of the other veterans whom served this great nation.  Freedom is NOT free.

Bless Us ALL.

PJ Hardtack:
On this side of the DMZ, I wore the Queen's uniform for 12 years.

A little anonymous poem I ran across years ago really appealed to my heart .....

"And yes, it's true what they say
 of war and war's alarms,
But oh, that I was young again
and held her in my arms."

It always saddened me to see the old, broken vets gathered at the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier in Ottawa.

Their health gone, all they have are the scars and the memories.

This is just a little off topic, but Vets, what do you say to someone when they thank you for your service? I have been replying "it was my Honor (to do so)"  Good enough? ???



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