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Has anyone had dealings with Gun Broker.com?

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  Would some one PLEASE post The url here for both of these sites. We have a firewall here that won't let me in , but I can bypass it going through another site . THANKS ahead . jt

jiminy criquet:
I don't know what "both" sites you mean, as I only saw talk of gunbroker.com (ebay doesn't allow gun sales). Anyways, heres gunbroker.com (an auction-type site):

And heres another one, gunsamerica.com (an outright 'buy-it-now' type of site):

I haven't used gunbroker.com yet, but I have used gunsamerica.com to get a used stainless 1858 for about $100, and a new Russian coach gun (Bounty Hunter II) for $200 or so.  Good deals.

I don't see why an FFL is needed for a percussion gun, as it's not required most places.  (Even here in California you can purchase percussion firearms over-the-counter with no paperwork and no waiting, pistols included.)

jiminy criquet:
Speaking of which, I just checked gunsamerica.com, and here's an original Beals .36 for $950.  Great deal.

Also, some other original 1858's also for under $1000.

Just FYI, I have no stake in any of this.

Presidio, some joker beat me out at the last minute while I was at work. But not to worry Texas Jack hasbrand new Uberti 5 1/2 inch NMA's marked down to $209.00 Which is only $15.00 higher than I was willing to go on the used NMA. Me I couldn't stood it somemore I bought one. Mamma gonna think I won the auction lol lol done nobody tell ok?.

Ah, she ain't gonna get a peep from me...do the same thing with my wife- "Hey Honey!  Look at whut I won today fer half the cost!"  Ya know what, she actually believes it, too. ::)

Sorry ta hear ya lost out on the Remi..some folks just ain't got no consideration fer others, but, sounds like a good deal on the new NMA's.  How 'bout a pic when ya git the chance?



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