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Has anyone had dealings with Gun Broker.com?

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Smokin Gun:
Jubel you just click on the Seller's name copy and past the email address and find out about it...I have bought a half a dozen great deal reves on Gunbroker and one can always make a deal if buy it now is posted or not. I'll put it this way i have never had to bid, a buy it now can always suddenly pop up. HeHe!

SG ;)

Preisido, Smoken

My new pistola arrived today fast turnaround. It is a Cimarron Uberti very nice. There is no made in Italy, or black powder only, visable on the left or right side of the BBL. this is located under the rammer where it's not visable. Action feels slick as silk. If it shoots as good as it feels it will become one of my main match guns for sure.  ;D I can hardly wait for this weekend!!!  :P

Smokin Gun:
You can't beat a Uberti or a 3rd Generation Colt for a smooth action right outta the box and Ilike where they put the BP ONLY. My 1851 Navy Uberti is one a the smoothest I have had, didn't have to lay a stone on it. Nor my Corlt Dragoon smooth as they come and only says: "ADDRESS SAM COLT NEW-YORK CITY" on the back top of bbl assy.  If there are any 3rd Generation Dragoon owners out there, the R&D .45 Long Colt convertable conversions made for Uberti models work great in the Colt 1st thru 3rd models.



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