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Front Sight change

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Howdy Presidio.
I have two italian -58 with dove tail front sight,
and when i shortend the barrels i had to cut new tracks for the frontsight.
I just bought a tre pointed file (the smallest i could find) and measured carefully
many times before starting to file. Maby ten minutes later i could mount the front sight.
The Hobby Gunsmith has an article about using a lathe to do it
But it is possible to do it with a file. But be careful and take it slow.
You can look at my guns at the SCORRS picture page. Have fun.

Bull Schmitt:
Yep Qball is correct. It can be done with a small three sided file. It helps to grind the teeth off of one side of the file. When filing the sides of the dovetail put the "toothless" side of the file down and you won't cut the dovetail deeper.


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