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Pictures of my Remington 75s in 357 Mag.

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FloraBama Kid:
I too am looking to get a pair to backup my RVs. Anyone shooting the 5 1/2" 75's?

Big Hext,
Don't you know that you are going to get me in trouble by posting pictures like that?
Nice pistolas! Makes me want a pair!


Danny Bear Claw:
Nice Remingtons Hext.  My pair of Remmies, I don't shoot them very often, are an EMF "Outlaw" in cal. 45 Colt matched with a Uberti '58 with 45 conversion cylinder.  A picture of them can be seen on the SCORRS site.  I like the Remingtons, I just have to many Vaqueros to bother shooting anything else.   ::)

Big Hext Finnigan:
Thanks Danny,

I like mine a lot and they seem to like me back (at least they seem to be hitting what I point at.)
They are my first long barrelled pistol pair and the more I shoot them, the more I understand why long barrels ruled the roost way back when.


Danny Bear Claw:
I know what you're saying about the long barrels Hext.  I prefer the longer barrels  my self.  My main shooters are Vaqueros in SS finish, with 7.5 inch barrels, in cal. 45 Colt.  My Remmies are, of course, 7.5 inches for the model '75 and 8 inches on the '58.  Of course I chose the 7 inch tube on the Schoefield I bought too.



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