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Pictures of my Remington 75s in 357 Mag.

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Silver Creek Slim:

Texas Lawdog:
Hext,  I have one of the EMF 1875 Remington Outlaw Models with a 7.5 in barrel in 45LC. That's the only Remington I have.

FloraBama Kid:

--- Quote from: Danny Bear Claw on April 29, 2004, 06:13:54 PM ---I know what you're saying about the long barrels Hext.  I prefer the longer barrels  my self.  My main shooters are Vaqueros in SS finish, with 7.5 inch barrels, in cal. 45 Colt.  My Remmies are, of course, 7.5 inches for the model '75 and 8 inches on the '58.  Of course I chose the 7 inch tube on the Schoefield I bought too.

--- End quote ---
I like the looks of the long barrels but I'm afraid my arms are a little too short without going to a buscadero drop holster... ::)

this is mine, and another one just like it in the workshop.

Irish Red O'Toole:
Alright.  Picked up my new 1875.  It's a .45LC from EMF.  Shoots POA.  Now I need a 2nd one!! ;D



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