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Frontier Action Shooting in BC

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PJ Hardtack:
Hey Gabe

We're lookin' to comin' to yer shoot agin this year. Our numbers have dwindled to the point we are lookin' at not havin' our annual event.
Last year it was Chicken Marengo, Miz Josie and moi who shot regularly. A few more came out of the wood work to help set up the match, but we aren't sure we'll see 'em this year.

Gabriel Law:
PJ:  I trust it's just a bump in the road.  We are really pumped about this year's event.  Our theme is "Aliens and Cowboys".  Looking forward to seeing you and your truly fair again soon, as well as the rest of the Rope Burn City crew.

PJ Hardtack:
"Aliens & Cowboys" you say .... ?

I like it! There gonna be any "Aliens" to take out?

Gabriel Law:
Eddie Blackwater and Turkey Creek Pete have written the stages...we haven't had a meeting for a while, so I can't say...come and see!

PJ Hardtack:
Only thing I hates more'n Aliens is Dragons. An Alien Dragon would be a died-and-gone-to-heaven situation.

My eyes should be goof to go by the time of your shoot. I'm slated for the first of two cataract operations at the end of the month. That will give me back my long range eyes and l'll likely only have to wear glasses for reading, if that.



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