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Welcome to our pards from down under!

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Judge Lead:
why wouldn't he. He DOES have braggin' rights ya know.

Thanks guys for the welcome.

It is appreciated to know that we do still have friends, and that's what really matters. ;D

Camille, hows your leather working going?. I visit TFS on occasion and noticed that you have experimented with the fine art of leather manipulation.

Camille Eonich:
Texas Tall...despite what Wallaby says here, he himself has expressed concerns about "blowing wires up".

Wallaby.... :-*

Judge Lead, I'm not finding as much time to do leather work as I had hoped that I would but thanks for asking.  ;D

Texas Tall:
Yeah Camillethat's Wallaby and we just learn to live with it down here, don't we Judge.
 Say hi to Stump for me Camille and would love to get a few of you guys over here one day,we'll look after 'em won't we Judge.
  REgards...............T.T. :) :) ;)

Judge Lead:
Most definitely TT.

We could try for the BP shoot in November ????.


Texas Tall:
 Hey Wallaby were are ya, Bit of good news Re Chronicle so keep your fingers crossed.
You didn't email me the cost of thise springs........T.T.



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