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2000 Winchester 94 AE lever action 30-30


                             Hello I have a pristine 94 AE 30-30. Its only been fired 2 times to check the sites. And it has spent the rest of its life in a gun safe. As i said in the title. As far as i can tell it was born in 2000. I have recently been ruled as disabled. Not yet able to
   receive the financial assistance i am in need of. I have been served with a eviction notice on my door. I dont have a place to go nor am i
 able to move my belongings due to my disability. I am in need of $850.00 for the rifle. I am very grateful for a helping hand.
                                                                                                                         Thank you,
                                                                                                                                        Rick Hansen 
    Please contact me via E-mail and/or PM.
   will send photos as soon as i figure out how.

If anyone could steer me in another direction so i can keep my home. It would be greatly appreciated.

No offense intended, but expect to be highly scrutinized by any potential buyers.  There have been a LOT of scams and attempted scams in recent times.  The fact that you are giving your phone number might be a good thing, but most people recommend not putting that on a public forum.  Might be better off taking that off your posting and have people contact you with a PM, and you can give your number to them in a PM.  Good luck.

    Ok thanks. I am very new to this.

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