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The Winchester Model 1876 / Re: Trouble
« Last post by ATCDoktor on Today at 12:50:32 PM »
Lifter depth on mine (to the bottom of the slot) is 1.010” as well.
Has anyone explored making new rimfire ammunition? I am not an engineer, or manufacturing guy, but small capacity projects might be feasible with recent developments. Drawing copper or brass alloys does not seem impossible to reproduce? Making it economically is obviously the trick.
BROW / Re: Sad Rolling Block
« Last post by Drydock on Today at 12:35:30 PM »
Bubba is not to be understood!
The Powder Room - CAS reloading / Re: I BROKE MY PRESS!!
« Last post by Drydock on Today at 12:33:04 PM »
You are a man of many talents.   ;D
BROW / Re: Sad Rolling Block
« Last post by Dave T on Today at 12:31:21 PM »
From what I understand the 43 is kissin' cousin to the 44-77 Sharps. That would be an interesting cartridge/rifle to play with but the other things done to it (the idea of that scope on a RB makes me shudder - lol) present something of a problem. Since 43 Spanish isn't a cartridge you can run down to the gun shop and buy (even when gun shops had ammo) one wonders what the previous owner was thinking when he/she/it put that scope on. Curiouser and curiouser.

This is a used Super Blackhawk in very good condition.  It is the stainless model with a fluted cylinder and 5 1/2" barrel.  Comes with an El Paso Saddlery Tom Threepersons holster.  Asking $750 + $35 shipping or will trade for a Colt 2nd Generation 1851 Navy (C or F Series) in good condition.

NCOWS / Re: Joining NCOWS
« Last post by Navy Six on Today at 12:09:07 PM »
I also don't live any where an NCOWS posse(wish I did) but I enjoy being a member and receiving a copy of The Shootist. This latest issue contained an article which describes some of the "fun" things a particular posse has done over the years. I like seeing what others are doing and we will use some of those ideas at our local(Quinton Mavericks) SASS club which fortunately still orients the matches to "safety and fun".
The Leather Shop / Re: Leather collar
« Last post by Cliff Fendley on Today at 12:07:13 PM »
Nice Skeeter!
The Leather Shop / Re: Jesse James rig
« Last post by Marshal Will Wingam on Today at 11:56:52 AM »
Beautiful work, pard. You nailed it on both. Outstanding!
The American Plainsmen Society / Jonathan Davis: amazing battle!
« Last post by Jake MacReedy on Today at 11:55:36 AM »
Dave, when I read about Jonathan Davis, I was amazed at what he accomplished while greatly outnumbered!  Reading, I thought about his "close-in work" with his Bowie, and I looked at my own Sheffield blade.  I'd like to think it was close to the one he was carrying that fateful day.  I had the blade made in Sheffield by J. Adams & Co. to my specs.  I made the guard and bolsters from mild steel, cutting & filing the dumbbell guard, and filing in the sunbursts on the lower bolsters.  The handle is elk stag.  I sewed the sheath up...nothing fancy, but it works!
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