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The Longbranch / Re: Lever rifles back in the day, rifle vs. carbine
« Last post by greyhawk on May 15, 2022, 05:55:33 AM »
Boys I dont know how the old timers did it but many of them would have been familiar with longer heavier barrelled guns from the muzzleloader era - a 20 inch carbine woulda looked like a kids gun I bet.
Standing unsupported I do much better with a rifle length, with a bit of heft to it, if eyes are a bit dodgy that extra six or eight inches sight radius helps a lot also. If I had to make one offhand shot that really counted - I reckon it would be a tossup between my 40 inch barrel flintlock or my 1876 (28" tube).
Different story alltogether if we thrownin lead at twenty feet in the scrub or such.
I have a 92 with a 26 inch barrel - weighs just a tad over 7pound empty, its beautifully balanced for carrying, comes to the shoulder nice, long sight radius, magazine holds a couple extra, how much handier would a carbine be? nothing much in it I reckon unless a feller is stuck in the middle of a briar patch someplace and got the muzzle snagged, a rifle dont have to be heavy nor cumbersome.
just food for thought anyways   
Sorry, I made another post not long ago about getting a new-to-me Chaparral 1876 rifle.

Yes, the Jamison case rim is larger than the Winchester brass 45-70 cases I cut down to the 45-60 length. The Winchester 45-70 case rim is .600 and the Jamison 45-60 case rim is around .680. They are Ten X rounds made for the 45-60 WCF. I would think they should chamber if they are made specifically for the 1876 rifle in 45-60 caliber.

Does anyone else shoot Ten X 45-60 ammo and if so have they encountered this problem? Or, is it another problem encountered with the Chaparral 1876 rifle. If it is a problem with the rifle can it be corrected? As I asked previously, can the ejector spring be too heavy pushing the case downward as the ejector engages the case rim causing the rim locater extension to bite into the case rim? Notice the firing pin strike is off center above where the bite is in the case rim also indicating as though the case might be being pushed downward.

I have trimmed the case rims on the Jamison rounds I shot to the same size as the Winchester 45-70 cases but have not yet loaded them or tried to chamber one. 
What is the diameter of your Jamison rims and your reload rims?

Is this an original '76 or repro?

Off hand it looks like the Jamison rims are oversized for your gun.

I can't say I have any hats for the very specific use of CAS. When I started CAS I just kept wearing the same old hats I already had since I've been wearing western hats my whole life. I have reshaped some to fit my CAS persona but then I've reshaped many of my hats over the years anyway on a whim when I decided I wanted a different look.
NCOWS / Credit where credit is due...
« Last post by Hplummer on May 14, 2022, 08:49:43 PM »
God bless John Moses Browning and William Mason. That's is all. 
[Hopefully I can get out of this kneeling position without calling a paramedic!]
I took the '76 to the range today and was pleasantly surprised. The rifle will shoot. After figuring out how the rifle was shooting using the barrel sites that are original to the gun. I was able to shoot a 4-shot group of about three inches at 100 yards. Not bad for my aging eyes and the standard barrel sights. The rifle was dead on at 100 yards. I did not have to hold high as I thought I might. I did not flip the sight up in order to use the ladder but kept it folded down. Any farther distance shooting would require raising the ladder. I will probably try to find a better rear sight at some point.

I did find a situation with the factory ammunition that was/is puzzling. The factory rounds made with Jamison brass chamber ok until the very last 3/16". You must squeeze the lever unusually hard for the rifle to go into battery. I noticed after ejecting the spent round there was a little notch clipped out of the brass rim. I believe it is made by the rim locater extension (not sure if that is the correct terminology) on the bolt face. I measured the diameter of the case rim of the Jamison brass as compared to the Winchester 45-70 cases I had cut down and it is bigger. I did not have any difficulty chambering the reloads I had made using the cut down Winchester 45-70 brass thus no notches on the rim cases. I also noticed the firing pin strikes on the primers was off center a bit. Here are a couple of photos to show what I am talking about. Can anyone tell me how to correct this?

Can this happen if the extractor spring is too strong?
I have been looking for years online regarding more information about the EMF Hartford series made by ASM, I found this thread on the CAS City forum and the information by Original Bad Bob has been very helpful.  I figured I would try my best at making a photo op session and take a couple of pictures of the one I got a long time ago.  I even managed to dig up the old EMF catalogs that I found in my collection of misc. catalogs.  Please forgive the qualities of the pictures, I am not very experienced in uploading pictures online.

This was purchased way back yonder around 1998 at the local gun store.  It is the Hartford Premier model which came with a tuned action job and a “fancier” finish than the regular Hartford lineup.  I say “fancier” because I really do not know exactly what is different about the finish as compared to the finish on the regular Hartford series, maybe more hand polishing? It also came with the Colt type eagle grips, but being that I am more partial to the look of wood, I replaced the hard rubber grips with wood grips.

The action is very smooth and the trigger pull is very light.  But I have not had a lot of exposure to other single action army revolvers to where I could compare the action/trigger pull to mine, so my comparison of the action/trigger feel is limited in scope.  Part of the smooth action and light trigger pull seemed to be due to the mainspring that came on the gun which felt in my opinion very weak.  The mainspring is tapered to a narrow thin band other than where it screws into the bottom and also where it rides the hammer.  Although it gave a very light trigger pull, I experienced a few light primer strikes which caused a failure to fire when shooting my handloads that were using CCI primers.  I always check to make sure the primers are seated as far in the primer pocket as possible when priming cases, so I do not think it was the seating of the primers.  I have heard that CCI primers are on the harder side compared to other brands, but I do not know enough about it.  Eventually, I replaced the mainspring with a Wolff reduced power mainspring.  The original mainspring that came on the revolver looks just like the one sold in the action job kit by Lee’s Gunsmithing that I remember seeing in the Brownell’s catalog.  I also replaced the sear/bolt leaf spring with a Heinie coil wire spring.

I am curious to find out what other folks who own these ASM revolvers are getting on their cylinder throat diameters.  Mine measures at .452”~.453” and .454” on one of the cylinders, but this was measured using calipers so it may not be the most accurate.  Is this typical for these ASM Hartford revolvers?

Thanks again to The Original Bad Bob for starting a thread on these EMF Hartfords made by ASM to shed some light about these revolvers.
Tall Tales / Re: May flowers bring coffee, tea and grub
« Last post by Major 2 on May 14, 2022, 07:08:55 PM »
"nubile young college gals" . . .

I gather your fantasy was shattered. ;D ;D

Dashed!... on the jagged rocks in my mind  :-X

The Longbranch / Re: Random thoughts
« Last post by Major 2 on May 14, 2022, 07:04:15 PM »
The Longbranch / Random thoughts
« Last post by DeaconKC on May 14, 2022, 06:55:28 PM »

Common sense is like deodorant.  The people who need it the most never use it.


My tolerance for idiots is extremely low these days. I used to have some immunity built up, but obviously there's a new strain out there.


It’s not my age that bothers me; it’s the side effects.


I’m not saying I’m old and worn out, but I make sure I’m nowhere near the curb on trash day.


As I watch this generation try and rewrite our history, I’m sure of one thing:   It will be misspelled and have no punctuation.


As I’ve gotten older, people think I’ve become lazy.The truth is I’m just being more energy efficient.


I haven't gotten anything done today.  I've been in the Produce Department trying to open a stupid plastic bag.


If you find yourself feeling useless, remember it took 20 years, trillions of dollars, and four presidents to replace the Taliban with the Taliban.


Turns out that being a "senior" is mostly just googling how to do stuff.


I want to be 18 again and ruin my life differently.  I have new ideas.


I put my scale in the bathroom corner and that's where the little liar will stay until it apologizes.


My mind is like an internet browser. At least 19 open tabs, 3 of them are frozen, and I have no clue where the music is coming from.


Hard to believe I once had a phone attached to a wall, and when it rang, I picked it up without knowing who was calling.


She says I keep pushing her buttons.  If that were true, I would have found mute by now.


So you’ve been eating hot dogs and McChickens all your life, but you won’t take the vaccine because you don’t know what’s in it.  Are you kidding me?


There is no such thing as a grouchy old person.  The truth is that once you get old, you stop being polite and start being honest
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